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Professional accounting services for individual and businesses of all sizes.

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Certus BookkeepingWho We Are

Certus is a high end financial operations company. We specialize in creating efficient back office solutions for both businesses and individuals.

Our goal is to take the stress and burden of financial operations away from business owners so that they can focus on running and growing their business.

Certus is 100% Canadian owned and operated so you can trust that your financial data is in the right hands. By creating an efficient digital infrastructure and providing a dedicated account representative we assure a gold standard of service and accessibility.

Our Core Values

Relentless Pursuit of Excellence

We strive to provide the most efficient, technologically advanced solutions available. Our dedicated representatives hold themselves accountable for every service provided. We pride ourselves on maintaining these values to ensure you are always receiving the highest quality service.

Security and Privacy

The security and privacy of your financial information is at the forefront of Certus’s values. Our infrastructure ensures that your information is always protected. We are 100% Canadian owned and operated with all work being completed by Certus employees. This gives business owners peace of mind that none of their information is being outsourced to a third party.

Act With Integrity

Overseeing financial operations requires the utmost integrity. We are always open and honest with our clients and work with them to create solutions that make them feel at ease. You can rest assured that with Certus, every penny will be accounted for.

Problem Solving

We understand that complex business operations can result in complex problems. We strive to consistently provide the most comprehensive solutions and will not rest until all problems are solved with effective, efficient processes. We don’t provide band-aid fixes that will rear their head at year end, we solve problems in real time to assure tax season is stress free.

Why Choose Certus?

Choosing Certus is like hiring a CFO to run your company’s financial operations. Our digital infrastructure streamlines workflows and ensures there is no wasted time or extra burden on business owners or their employees. Not only do we take care of the work, but you can be assured that your company will always be up to date with any technological advances in the bookkeeping industry.

Certus saves you the time and money associated with hiring and training one or multiple employees. Your dedicated Certus representative is a trained expert that will provide you with a 1-on-1 relationship, making it feel like they work directly for you. Quite simply, Certus removes all of the stress and burden associated with your financial operations and gives you the ability to focus on what is most important, running your business.

Meet Our Founder

Zachary Smith

Founder & CEO

Zachary Smith created Certus to fulfill a niche that was lacking in today’s fast growing business sector. He saw the need for high quality, easy to access bookkeeping solutions for both businesses as well as individuals. He sought to create the solution; full service financial operations with the highest level of commitment to the customer experience.