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Our Features

100% Canadian

We are proudly Canadian. All of our operations are completed in Canada by Certus employees, ensuring security and privacy.

Fully Digital

Certus’ digital infrastructure allows us to serve clients across the country from a remote location. This guarantees business owners have access to their dedicated representative as well as their company’s data anytime, anywhere.

Real-time Processing

Our operations are in constant motion, meaning your data is processed in real time, always ensuring an up to date view of your books.

1 On 1 Service

By assigning you a dedicated account representative, hiring Certus is like hiring a CFO.

CertusBookkeeping Services Toronto

Financial management takes a great deal of time and effort. It requires knowledge, preparation, and energy. This can become a significant burden for business owners and individuals who have enough on their plate as it is.

The team at Certus Bookkeeping understands this and proudly offers professional bookkeeping services to both businesses and individuals. We are a team that has years of experience creating financial solutions that relieve businesses and individuals of this burden.

The team at Certus is an experienced group of professionals that has been providing high-quality service in the GTA for years. After identifying your needs during a consultation, we will create a custom tailored plan that will fill all of your financial requirements. Certus Bookkeeping is proud to offer the highest quality bookkeeping services in Toronto

The Certus Process

Our process begins with a consultation in which we will review your business objectives and financial workflows. We will use this information to create a bookkeeping process that will ensure that all of your needs are met in an organized manner. Our services are custom tailored to fit each individual client's needs.

If you are a small business owner that is growing your business we have plenty to offer. We have years of experience in helping small and medium-sized business owners set up their QuickBooks Online, prepare their financial statements, set up payroll processing, and assist them with their tax filings.

We also offer professional bookkeeping services for individuals. We have been helping individuals in the GTA manage their finances for years. If you are an individual in need of bookkeeping services our plans offer receipt digitization & filing, expense tracking and customized financial reporting.

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Why Choose Certus?

Getting the right bookkeeping and professional payroll services will make a massive difference for both your business and work-life balance. Our automated process will free up cashflow and time for your team. Certus Bookkeeping is proud to provide the highest quality payroll and bookkeeping services for companies of all sizes in Toronto.

The Certus team holds ourselves to the highest standard of qualify and professionalism. This standard is why we are confident in our ability to help our clients with all of their financial management needs. After just one consultation, we will provide you with a detailed plan that will free up time, save you money, and relieve you of the stresses of bookkeeping.

Every business is unique, which is why our plans are custom tailored to meet each client's specific needs. By working hand in hand with our clients we are able to achieve a gold standard of service.

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