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Outsource your bookkeeping to our team of professional bookkeepers.

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100% Canadian

We are proudly Canadian. All of our operations are completed in Canada by Certus employees, ensuring security and privacy.

Fully Digital

Certus’ digital infrastructure allows us to serve clients across the country from a remote location. This guarantees business owners have access to their dedicated representative as well as their company’s data anytime, anywhere.

Real-time Processing

Our operations are in constant motion, meaning your data is processed in real time, always ensuring an up to date view of your books.

1 On 1 Service

By assigning you a dedicated account representative, hiring Certus is like hiring a CFO.

CertusOutsourced Bookkeeping

Outsourcing your bookkeeping needs to a third party is a significant step for any business. It will undoubtedly increase savings and free up time to complete work that is crucial to the business. That being said, finding the right provider of bookkeeping services can be stressful.

Certus Bookkeeping is a leading provider of bookkeeping services for both individuals and businesses. We are a team that understands the struggles that come with keeping your books in order. It is detail-oriented work that requires a great deal of time and preparation. This is why it is a massive benefit to have professional bookkeepers handle this for you. The Certus team has years of experience in providing accounting and bookkeeping services to individuals and businesses throughout the country.

Why Outsourced Bookkeeping?

It may sound obvious, but running your own business is a demanding pursuit. It requires time, organization, discipline, and dedication. There are many risks involved with starting a business, especially financial risks. One of the biggest threats to the success of any business is financial disorganization. This commonly comes as a result of taking on more than one individual can handle causing crucial tasks to be pushed to the side.

This is why the team at Certus always recommends small business owners hire a professional bookkeeper. Doing so will ensure that small but devastating mistakes are prevented. Not only will these common mistakes be prevented, but you will free up significant time by handing these responsibilities off to an experienced bookkeeper. You will no longer have to manage your QuickBooks Online, prepare financial data, process payroll, or file your tax returns. The increased free time and financial organization will undeniably improve your business and work-life balance.

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Why Choose Certus?

Hiring Certus as your provider of outsourced bookkeeping services comes with a multitude of benefits. We will work closely with your business to make sure that you are receiving the highest level of professionalism available. We have years of experience providing premium quality bookkeeping services to business and individuals. As a Certus client, both individuals and businesses will have access to services such as expense tracking, receipt digitization & filing and workflow management.

Our team is confident in our ability to get your business’s finances in order. Our services will ensure timely tax preparation, allowing our clients to achieve a healthy work-life balance. All we need to get started is a short consultation to get to know your business.

After the consultation, our team of financial experts will use the information gathered to create a cost-effective solution that is tailored to your needs. We will analyze your workflows and provide you with a detailed process that will ensure that no stone is left unturned. You will then be provided with a secure cloud-based system that allows easy access to your financial data. During tax season, you will be able to access everything you need in one location.

Choosing Certus as your provider of professional bookkeeping services will ensure that you are well looked after. We will bring you peace of mind by fully demonstrating the benefits of outsourcing your bookkeeping. You will be able to rest easy knowing your finances are being managed full time by a team of skilled professionals. It is our guarantee that we have the knowledge, experience, and ability to handle all of your bookkeeping needs.

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